a week of flock

August 22, 2006

Rather than suffer the first blog post awkwardness, I’m going to jump right in – introductions later.

The why-am-I-here is simple – I’ve sat on the sidelines, watching flickr/del.icio.us/digg/dot-etc evolve, without participating – and what’s the point of super-social-web20 if you’re not participating yourself? So I’m throwing myself right in. First step – Flock. Well, blogging. And Flock.

We spend more time staring into our little windows into the web than we do looking at almost anything else – it’s no surprise that broswer preferences can get personal, quickly. I’ve been using Opera since version 4, though I switched to the Moz Suite, followed by Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox – only to return to Opera around version 8.5. According to Terminally Incoherent’s “What does your browser reveal about your personality?”:


You really don’t care for they Firefox hype. What you want is the best browser there is – and for you that’s Opera. You actually used to pay them when the browser was ad supported. If a Firefox fanboi starts talking smack about your browser you quickly shoot him down by proposing the ACID2 test. You know what you want (a fast, standard compliant browser) and you know where to get it. Browser wars do not interest you at all, although you kinda hope that Firefox wins so that fewer web developers make IE only pages.

Hm, not too far off. Opera keeps me coming back because it’s fast, it feels snappy (such a qualitative judgment!), but most of all, I work quickly with it – gestures, fast forward on pages, quick tab changing using mouse wheel. And while all that is available for FFx (through extensions mostly), it just never felt well integrated.

So, pitting FFx and Opera against each other – it’s Opera. But what if there’s value-add built beyond the base FFx architecture? Enough to tip the scales? I’m giving Flock a one-week, full try – not opening any other browser so I’m sure I gave it a fair shot. Downloaded miniT so at least my tabs open in the right order. Signed up for WordPress through it, and have my photos, bookmarks and blog accounts set up. Let’s go.

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