Stanford at Ubicomp

August 23, 2006

Proceedings are out and it looks like the Stanford HCI lab’s going to have a nice showing at Ubicomp:


  1. Interactive Gigapixel Prints: Large, Paper-Based Interfaces for Visual Context and Collaboration by Ron B. Yeh, Joel Brandt, Jonas Boli and Scott Klemmer
  2. Wizard of Oz Sketch Animation for Experience Prototyping by Bjorn Hartmann, Scott Doorley, Sohyeong Kim, Parul Vora


  1. PALette: Connecting Kids Through Tangible Color-Mixing Nan Gao, Ben Ilegbodu, Nundu JanakiRam
  2. LightCast: A Tangible User Interface Creativity Support Tool for Visual Design June Zhang
  3. Reducing Clutter on Tabletop Groupware Systems with Tangible Drawers Björn Hartmann, Meredith Morris Ringel, Anthony Cassanego
  4. Diamond’s Edge: From Notebook to Table and Back Again Michael Bernstein, Avi Robinson-Mosher, Ron Yeh, Scott Klemmer
  5. FlutterbyNet: Distributed Logbook Collaboration Isabelle Kim, Lora Oehlberg, Ashley Rayner

Awesome work coming out of the CS294H class last quarter – that’s four posters from one class! Maybe we should have submitted our real-time calendar system. Congrats to all. Check out the work going on at the HCI lab for more.

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